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Constructor UI Kit

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Constructor UI Kit


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Dashboard Blocks

Dashboard Templates

Startrups  Blocks

Startrups Templates

Commerce Blocks

Commerce Templates

Company Blocks

Company Templates

Huge kit of Blocks, UI Cards and Templates in various categories will help you create your project as quickly as possible. UI Kit has 3 versions in the most popular apps.

300+ Templates

545 Blocks

22 Categories

— 1000+ UI Cards

— Sketch Symbol Overrides

— Text Styles Sketch, XD, Figma

— Layer Styles Sketch, XD, Figma

— Resize Sketch, XD, Figma

— Bootstrap 12 Column – 1140 px Grid

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We have created a wide variety of elements and blocks in various fields. The set is based on the most polar grid of 12 Columns 1140 px and all blocks are unified, which allows you to combine different categories. All elements have color and text styles applied, and blocks are optimized for resizing.

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